Hidden Cameras – Need a Hidden Camera?

Generally, there are several reasons for using a hidden camera. Generally, criminals commit crimes when no one is in the house or if the house is left under the guidance of an outsider like a caretaker or baby-sitter. The thieves keep an eye on wealthy people and are always on the lookout for an opportunity to steal all that they have. You too can become vulnerable to such crimes once outside your house or even when you are present in the home.

Features of a hidden camera

Hidden Cameras
The nanny cam, secret camera, spy camera, hidden camera or home surveillance camera is a type of video camera that records video covertly. Sometimes people know they are being recorded (just not from where), and other times they don’t know at all.
These small-sized video cameras have very high resolution; due to their small size, they can be hidden in a smoke detector, mirror, radio and several other objects that are very mundane and normally present in a room. The hidden camera can be installed not just in the house but also industrially or commercially as security cameras.
Now-a-days, the hidden camera can be used for recording videos with an internal dvr that can be viewed later. They can be connected to the internet so that the video can be seen from any place in any part of the world immediately. Usually they are connect by an IP or USB device. This small device connects both your computer and your camera directly for making your video accessible over the net.

Difference between wired and wireless hidden cameras

Whether to opt for a wired or wireless camera system is another choice for you to make. A wired camera system connects the wire of the camera to your personal computer or DVR so as to send out the signal. A wired camera system is not restricted by distance; however, the wires need to be hidden. The range of a wireless camera system is between 75 feet and 250 feet or more from the computer or DVR to the camera under typical conditions.
Many of us know about the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which connects our TV to the DVR recorder or cable TV. For connecting your camera(s) wirelessly or by wire to your TV screen or monitor so as to view what the hidden camera has to project is the function of a security DVR. For recording the video on the memory card or hard drive of the computer, a DVR comes in handy so that you can have a permanent record if required for prosecution or proof. The hidden camera DVR can be set in motion for you to conserve the recording space or if there is nothing to record.
The HDMI Splitter or Quad Processor is a device which helps you to view more than one image captured by a camera on the video monitor. Generally, the Quad Processor would divide the image into four camera views that are separate on one monitor. With a video monitor and Quad Processor, somebody is generally taking a look at the monitor while utilizing a video surveillance system similar to a security guard.
A home surveillance camera system that is wireless will need a transmitter for the camera and a receiver for the DVR or computer. The hidden camera uses the frequency of 2.4 GHz; as a result, it would not get in the way of other ordinary wireless devices which are of domestic nature. These days, the hidden camera generally has the transmitter and the camera together within the object like a smoke detector, radio, clock, or any other object that you could select for your home or office.

Hidden Camera – The all-in-one product

An individual can purchase a hidden camera which is wired for only $100 and get excellent resolution along with two options, namely wired or wireles that record on a DVR. Though there are systems that have the memory card and DVR ( all in one camera, as a result) you can place a product on the bookshelf or table and then plug it into an outlet for the power.  Generally a fan, lamp or radio is used to conceal hidden cameras.
Monitoring your house when you are away on a vacation with an all-in-one product, a hidden camera with DVR recording on the memory card might not serve the purpose. The price of the hidden camera with an IP connection would be less. It would provide you the facility of monitoring your house from any part of the world on your mini-computer such as laptop or smart phone.
You need to analyze all your options before buying your hidden camera, video surveillance camera or nanny cam for your business or home. Also bear in mind that there is no better proof than a video recording of a crime.

Sometimes its not what you know, its what you can prove

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